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superhero-circleHero Gaming Jobs is the exciting website for Be the Hero Behind the Hero (the video game industry recruiting team at the Chatham Group). The experienced recruiting team at the Chatham Group is partnered with AAA game studios, mobile game studios, educational game developers, supportive developers, social developers and independent studios filling major positions within each studio. We currently have dozens of positions across the US which we are filling for our clients, please take a look at them: Open Jobs. Our goal is to align the most talented professionals for our client’s open positions, helping grow their studios and ultimately make the best games in the market. We offer many various services to our clients: Read More →

Our Expertise


The team at Be the Hero Behind the Hero has a strong technical background and are considered “technical recruiters”. With a deep understanding of Game Engines such as Unreal, Unity, CryEngine as well as programming languages such as C/C#/C++, Actionscript, Java and more the team has placed: Technical Directors, Server Engineers, Gameplay Programmers, AI Programmers and more.


Truly Creative people that with industry experience are difficult come by but the team at Be the Hero Behind the Hero know how to match talented creative team members with specific positions. With a deep creative background, they have placed candidates in positions such as: Art Directors, UI Designers, Concept Artists, Environment Artists, Lighting Artists and more.


Our team has the confidence and the experience to find and/or pull top executive talent. We have negotiated top salaries, profit sharing, benefits packages and stock options for our candidates and for our clients. We have filled Director and Executive level positions in the video game development industry.


Any successful organization/studio needs a competent and experienced support team and our team finds the best in the industry. We have worked with marketing, sales, human resources and most all support positions.

The Team of “Awesomeness”

Paxton Galvanek
Paxton Galvanek
Business Development Director/Recruiter
Evan Galvanek
Evan Galvanek
Sr. Gaming Recruiter
Alden Galvanek
Alden Galvanek
Operations Director
Jana Caudill
Jana Caudill
Internet Researcher/Recruiter

A Few of Our Wonderful Clients