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East Coast Game Conference

The East Coast Game Conference, the largest gathering of video game professionals on the east coast, returns for its Eighth time. The focus of the conference is to provide video game developers an engaging program and opportunities for networking and collaboration. Building off of the great successes in 2015, ECGC is bring back the community day on Tuesday 19th that support the community, families and others that are interested in seeing what the industry is about and what jobs opportunities there are in the industry. ECGC is proud to be hosting one of the east coast’s largest VR events with participation from organizations and individuals ranging from academics to industry. In 2016 ECGC is also opening up a day solely focused on training labs. Make sure to reserve your spot to get training from some of the best in the industry on the coolest technologies on the attend page.

The conference is sponsored by the Triangle Game Initiative, a trade association of video game companies in North Carolina.


The Research Triangle Park of North Carolina is home to more than 40 companies developing, publishing, or providing technology or services to the video game industry. These companies employ more than 1,100 people directly involved in creating video games, simulations and video game technology.

The Triangle Game Initiative was founded in 2008 to support and promote the video game industry in this area. In 2009, TGI wanted to hold a local gathering of the local game developers, and the Triangle Game Conference was born. The organizers hoped to attract 200 programmers, artists, and producers and were delighted when more than 500 attended. The conference grew to more than 800 in 2010, and after rebranding as the East Coast Game Conference it has grown to over 1,500 in 2015.

paxtonTalk Description:

Breaking into the Video Game Industry & Branding Yourself

The video game development industry is filled with some of the most passionate, creative and hard-working individuals. Most people have played a video game during their lifetime and for some that first game play has turned into a life-long goal to make video games and make a living out of that passion. The problem is that the game development industry is very competitive and to “make it” you are going to need to work hard, know the right people and be involved in the best projects, etc.

Paxton has recruited for dozens of game development studios over the years and has help brand people so they effectively get hiring for the role of their choosing. Paxton will discuss how people can brand themselves, navigate different studios, what to expect during the interview process, how to get your foot in the door, how a resume should look, some tools/resources to get interviews, etc. Paxton spoke in 2016 and will be returning and adding to his successful presentation.

Paxton brings over 15 years of sales and marketing experience to the Chatham Group. He truly enjoys working with clients/customers and has an extensive background in management, sales, marketing and client relations. Paxton has a great strategic and creative vision whenever he takes on a client and/or project. He has aided in the growth and success of several national and international companies/markets/products. Paxton has also owned and managed 3 companies, Galvanek & Wahl Advertising Agency a full service marketing and advertising firm, Strafe Gaming Lounge which is an interactive and entertainment video gaming entertainment location and Laugh & Laugh which is an inflatable rental company. He holds degrees in Information Technology and Psychology from Rutgers University and currently lives in the Raleigh, NC area with his 2 children Trevor and Kacin.

Click here: http://ecgconf.com/paxton-galvanek/ 

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